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Production Services

Creation Films is a fresh, innovative film production company, producing a range of entertainment and marketing media. Our core skill-set lies in creating stories that touch people's hearts and change the way they see the world.  That's why we've integrated the best of our corporate marketing experience with our strength in telling great stories to bring you the best tools in your visual marketing.

Whether it is telling stories about a real-life experience with your brand, or incorporating the strength of your brand values into one of our humourous, moving or just plain fun films, TV shows or documentaries, we're here to work out ways to get you noticed.

Production Services

Creation Films has over 13 years experience creating entertainment and marketing films, working for organisations across New Zealand, Australia, Canada and the United States. Our full service production team can take your film from conception, through development and scripting, to filming and post production.

Our quality is exceptional! We utilise the latest in digital full frame film-making equipment including the Sony F5 high-definition workflow, and with offices in Auckland, Tauranga and Christchurch, you're well covered with an experienced team by your side.

Why work with Creation Films?

  • Our creative flair has resulted in industry awards for our clients c.f. Waste Management.
  • We're proud of our collaborative and relational approach to project management - something our clients often comment on.
  • A solid track record in broadcast commercials, documentaries and both long and short form corporate communications.
  • We're masters at making your budget go further whilst avoiding creative compromise!

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